1984 Cadillac Coupe

Today I had the opportunity to shoot a very clean Cadillac Coupe De’ville. It belongs to a homie of mine from SideShow Car Club out of Austin. This ride has been in the shop for a little while and I was anxious to see it done. We talked about doing the photos of it when it was done and I finally got to shoot it. This ride has seen my camera first so I’m pretty happy about that!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the photoshoot.

I used two strobes for this shoot.

I forgot my step stool so I had to use a friend’s truck.



The engine bay holds a beauty of a 350ci. So much chrome.

I’ll post some of the edited shots later…

Social Links to my blog posts.

Ok so for the past couple days I’ve been staying up late messing with my blog.

I’m using Twitter Tools and Social plugins. Pretty cool. I’ll find out how it works after this blog post. Should post to my Twitter and Facebook. Maybe after installing these plugins I can get more traffic through my blog.

BTW, this blog will be showing a lot of my photos from shoot to shoot.


Trying it mobile.

Mobile devices are in mostly everybody’s hands. Don’t know the exact percentage, but I’m sure it’s pretty high. I’m posting this blog post using my nifty iPhone 5.

So anyway, the other day I was scanning my photos in my camera roll and found some photos I took. It is true what Chase Jarvis says, “the best camera is the one that’s with you.”

This was a shot of a building in San Antonio, TX. We were at Fan Fair enjoying some awesome Tejano music when I saw the sun hitting the building.

This was from a car show here in Austin, TX. I really enjoy using the panorama option on the iPhone 5!

Haha! This last photo, well I was just bored at home. My little one was taking her nap and instead of being productive and doing some work, I did this.

Well, lets see how this blog post turns out. Hopefully all the photos look good coming from this app.

Until next time…

Ok. On to a NEW blog site.

This is my first blog post! Well, actually I’ve had a few blogs but this one will, from now on, will be my primary blog. Until I start my design blog. Which now that I think about it I should combine the two on this one. But then the name will have to change. Geez. I don’t know what to do. I think I will blog more about my photography. Then here and there you will probably see some design stuff. We will see what turns out. Until then….here we go!