Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. Been a long time since I’ve updated my actual website all together. 

I’ve stopped shooting. For a little while at least. Just been really busy with my day job. I’ve really needed the extra spare time for my family. 

Even though I’ve hung my camera, I will still try to update this blog with a mixture of photography and graphic design. 

Here’s a recent photo of my little princess:


Doesn’t the iPhone 6+ take awesome photos!?!

Last thing I want to share. I know not many people follow this blog. So I’m going to add this wonderful news here first. Maybe with this, I can actually see who follows me here…

Our new addition coming in November!!


We are so very excited and blessed! Alexa will soon have a little brother or sister! 


An evening out at Butler Park

For being a photographer, I hardly have ANY photos of my family and I. I guess it’s like a mechanic fixing everybody’s cars but theirs. I rarely have the time to just plan a shoot. I have to rely on my fellow photographer buddies Sonnyfromda02 or Rox*It Photography to do our pics. But even then, I’ve been so busy finishing up school or gigs of my own to even try and set something up with them.

So on this particular evening, I told the love of my life, Vero, “hey lets go down to Butler Park and do some walking.” With her having a hard days work dealing with scumbags on the phone (my words, not hers), she was definitely up for it. It was a beautiful evening. Still a little warm, but the sun was already hiding itself in the horizon, so the temperature was only going to get cooler. Like a bone chilling 80 degrees cooler. Ha!

Anyway, as we started to pack the essentials for our little one, I decided to take the camera out of the “work” camera bag and load it up in the “outing” bag for our little adventure. By the way, I have a HUGE camera bag fetish. I compare it to women and their hand bags. Yeah, it’s that bad. Ok, so I’m taking the camera, which at this point Vero is looking at me with a strange lost stare of disbelief because I was actually taking the camera out for something other than work. Unfortunately I’ve come to only use the camera for work like weddings, quinces, etc. Which is sad because I LOVE shooting! But, now in days, having a baby, baby bag, and occasionally my laptop bag, I just don’t care about lugging my camera along with me. I have my nifty iPhone 5 with me at all times anyway. Most of all my photos of my little one is done with that.


Butler Park. Prime location for a good time with the family. The main attraction there is the magical fountains (above photo) where everybody likes to run through to cool off in the Texas summer heat. The kids love it. There are color changing lights that glow under each fountain. Which looks awesome at night! I actually can’t wait until my little honey starts walking so she can experience all the fun. Or maybe it’s that I want to run around in there. It’s just too creepy for me to be running around in there by myself with no kid.

So I got a few good pictures of my little Princess Alexa. I’m so glad I took the camera with me! My mom is too. She’s been bugging me for some photos of Alexa for a few months now. Hey mom, I FINALLY DID SOME! lol…



















alexa_IMG_0376Thank you to my babe, Vero, for taking this shot us!


1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille “Texasbadactn”

So I want to say it was the early 2000s when I met Anthony. I was out on the streets of the ATX, cruising my old ’91 Corolla with the 100 spoke knock-offs sticking out the sides like a crazy little bulldog. Yes I know. It wasn’t a traditional Lowrider, but it was clean. Anthony was probably rolling another ride back then because he didn’t have this Caddy then, but I do remember when he got it. It was a dope ride when he bought it. Used to be out on the streets before so it had some history.

Anthony had big plans for it. He was going to create new history. And so he did. I remember when we would talk, and he would tell me all the plans he had for it. There are not many real riders out there that do what they say they are going to do. This dude right here made things happen! So off it went to Joe at Capital City Collision where the transformation happened.

Soon after the Caddy was done, Anthony hit me up, ready to do some photos. So here are some of the shots of this Texasbadactn Caddy.

caddy_IMG_0013 caddy_IMG_0046 caddy_IMG_0055 caddy_IMG_0090 caddy_IMG_0108caddy_IMG_0120caddy_IMG_0070


1984 Cadillac Coupe

Today I had the opportunity to shoot a very clean Cadillac Coupe De’ville. It belongs to a homie of mine from SideShow Car Club out of Austin. This ride has been in the shop for a little while and I was anxious to see it done. We talked about doing the photos of it when it was done and I finally got to shoot it. This ride has seen my camera first so I’m pretty happy about that!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the photoshoot.

I used two strobes for this shoot.

I forgot my step stool so I had to use a friend’s truck.



The engine bay holds a beauty of a 350ci. So much chrome.

I’ll post some of the edited shots later…

Social Links to my blog posts.

Ok so for the past couple days I’ve been staying up late messing with my blog.

I’m using Twitter Tools and Social plugins. Pretty cool. I’ll find out how it works after this blog post. Should post to my Twitter and Facebook. Maybe after installing these plugins I can get more traffic through my blog.

BTW, this blog will be showing a lot of my photos from shoot to shoot.


Trying it mobile.

Mobile devices are in mostly everybody’s hands. Don’t know the exact percentage, but I’m sure it’s pretty high. I’m posting this blog post using my nifty iPhone 5.

So anyway, the other day I was scanning my photos in my camera roll and found some photos I took. It is true what Chase Jarvis says, “the best camera is the one that’s with you.”

This was a shot of a building in San Antonio, TX. We were at Fan Fair enjoying some awesome Tejano music when I saw the sun hitting the building.

This was from a car show here in Austin, TX. I really enjoy using the panorama option on the iPhone 5!

Haha! This last photo, well I was just bored at home. My little one was taking her nap and instead of being productive and doing some work, I did this.

Well, lets see how this blog post turns out. Hopefully all the photos look good coming from this app.

Until next time…

Ok. On to a NEW blog site.

This is my first blog post! Well, actually I’ve had a few blogs but this one will, from now on, will be my primary blog. Until I start my design blog. Which now that I think about it I should combine the two on this one. But then the name will have to change. Geez. I don’t know what to do. I think I will blog more about my photography. Then here and there you will probably see some design stuff. We will see what turns out. Until then….here we go!